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Aboard a PIA flight, there is so much to do that you really won't feel like landing. Movies, Music, Games, Duty-Free Shopping, Tourist Information, Maps, and Real-Time Flight Information will keep you entertained for hours.


Time flies when you're having fun.   


Grab a drink, put on your headphones, switch on your personal screen, and enjoy the show. PIA's selection of movies and shows include popular entertainment genres such as English Features, English Dramas and Sitcoms, Documentaries, Sports, Specials Content for Kids, Religious Shows, Lifestyle Shows, Punjabi Feature Films, and Musical Videos and Shows.

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Celebrate your love of music with PIA's large and diverse selection. Tune into over a dozen channels depending on your mood and interests. Relax with Nice & Easy, or groove to the latest Chart Toppers. Swing to the sounds of Jazz Streams or sing along with Ghazals & Geets. We've also got a great mix of PIA Pop Songs and Instrumentals, New Age, Timeless Classical, Semi Classical, Broadway Bound, Country & Western, Qavvali, Hamd & Naat, and Quranic Verses, and lots of great audio content for kids, with PIA Children's Time.

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PIA's menu of addictive and challenging games will make the hours whizz by. We've got arcade-style games, card games, strategy games, and crosswords to keep you entertained and help you unwind.